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Things you need to know about Modern home interior design

Tuesday, July 2nd 2013. | Interior

Modern Home Interior Design Hollywood Living Room Things you need to know about Modern home interior design


Modern home interior design has become one of the things that many clients are after today. The first reason as to why many people are looking forward to Modern home interior design is because it offers an updated feel to a homeowner. One major benefit of considering modern home interior design is because the possibilities of decorating your home are limitless, in terms of design, fabrics, color and decorations among others. Due to this advantage, many home owners are able to truly get a style that fits them. If you consider Modern home interior design, you will end up with something that really defines you.

Today, thanks to modern home interior design, you can enjoy the elegance and class that used to be enjoyed by the elite at a fraction of what used to cost them. Nevertheless, today’s modern home interior design uses simple architecture and furniture and is even described as minimalistic. Most of the shapes today are seen to be geometrical while the colors are perceived as solid. In modern home interior design, you may or may not find lavish ornamental pieces or intricate designs but they are mostly rare.

Today the modern home interior design offers a contemporary look and you will realize that most of the furniture and appliances are created from leather, plastic, glass, stainless steel or a combination of all of them. Nevertheless the use of wood is evident in some designs which are also a good addition. Mostly, many designers will recommend mahogany or walnut as they have a distinct tone which helps in complementing the other materials such as leather and metal. Teak can also be used to enhance the appearance of any furniture that as has a pale tone. Modern home interior design also utilizes wood with light tones which can be good for contrasting between the metals used.

Most of the modern home interior designs will have either leather or a metal element. One of the most common metals used is stainless steel. Though there are other metals that can be used for the modern home interior designs, stainless steel proves to be efficient and affordable. You must have come across chrome and nickel in one of the modern home interior designs. Generally, most designers look for sleek metals to complete the designs. Most metal is used to create handles or the bases of furniture and it’s a normal occurrence for this kind of design. Anything that is made of any metals goes by, be it a metal vase or a metal lamp stand, everything works out greatly.

Color also plays a great role in determining the end product of a modern home interior design. Many people tend to think that the use for neutral colors is the perfect idea for modern designs which isn’t true.  Depending on what your preference is, mixing the colors will work very well instead of sticking to the neutral colors. Rich colors for instance are needed to complement the style and also to allow creativity. For instance, you work with a rich color such as red even if you have a grey like wall and even throw in some brightly colored pillows such as pink ones. This will not affect the Modern home interior design of your choice but will try to complement it.

Apart from color, metals and wood, modern home interior design also consists of clean lines. The lines that make it possible for you to perceive the beauty of certain furniture. It’s clear that clean lines are used in different furnishings such as chairs, tables, mirrors and couches. If you want to come up with a great contemporary design, make sure you remember to be simple.

Apart from cotemporary designs, you will find different styles such as classic, eclectic, accessibility style and budgetary style which can also be used in this day and age if you do not need to work with modern home interior design ideas. First of all, the budgetary style comes in handy with homeowners who are working on minimal budget as it’s cheap. If you are working on a tight budget, it’s good to use this style which will save you lots of money and give you quality make over of your house.

The eclectic style is where you use multiple styles. This is also a viable way of ensuring that you get a great taste of different styles from contemporary to classic. This idea here is to ensure that you get the best from both styles. This style can also be as a result of different time periods and culture blends. This may be a problem for some designers and it’s therefore good to look for a skillful interior designer or else you will end up disappointed. You don’t just randomly pick different decorations and furnishings and combine them to bring a great result. There needs to be a skillful designer who carefully matches different furnishes through scale, texture, finish, color and shape to bring out a distinctive blend. Many homeowners stodgy have their style in their homes and some don’t have an idea how it’s done as they did it by mistake.

When it comes to the classical style, this is a bit different from modern home interior design as it brings out ancient styles. Here you can expect to get heavy furniture and dark colors. Here unlike in modern home interior design, the lines are curved while some are straight. You will also notice the prominent gentle curves and smooth angels. This style will generally look calm. The last one is the accessibility style which is a new entrant into the list. This style came much later after the contemporary style and it’s specifically used by the less fortunate people by allowing them to gain access into different areas in a house without having to leave their wheelchairs behind. Most governments today are encouraging investors to use this kind of style and very soon it’s going to be coming in residential areas.

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