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Creating Unique Home Designs the Easy Way

Monday, June 17th 2013. | Interior

unique home architecture design Creating Unique Home Designs the Easy Way

When you are looking to create unique home designs, you can start by collecting different pictures of various model houses and see what inspiration you can draw from them. You can also collect samples of different colored fabrics and samples of paint to help you in making a decision on the colors you will use in your home designs.

In this way, you will be able to plan and purchase only your actual requirements to create the unique home designs. Always avoid using plain colors, such as white and off white.  Choose simple colors that will make your home livelier. If you like you can also experiment with paint of different textures.

You can add color in your home designs by throwing cushions on your sofas, floors and walls. If you have time on your hands, you can buy cheap fabric online and use it to make your own curtains and pillows. In the alternative, there are many stores that can custom make curtains at affordable prices.  You can easily and cheaply spruce up your old chair by creating new upholstery using new fabrics. To create unique home designs, you should look go where ever you can get inspiration and not be afraid to experiment.

Come up with your own unique home designs

There are a number of ways you can create unique home designs without spending too much. All you need is a little research. There are many websites on the internet that have pictures of sample homes you can copy and modify to come up with your own unique design. This will ensure that your home is not the same as that of your neighbors.

You will be able to remodel your house on a budget using unique home designs. If you are thinking of remodeling your house, simplicity is the best route to follow especially if you are not sure of designing ideas. A simple and clean look will portray sophistication. However, adopting simplicity does not mean that your home designs must be similar to those of other houses. It is regrettable that many homes are designed in a similar manner.

This shows lack of imagination in many people who prefer to copy the home designs from their neighbors without any modifications whatsoever. Many people cite lack of money as the reason they do not want to experiment. In a bid to save on costs, many people stick to the tried and tested home designs. This is the reason many people end up painting their houses white or cream. There are several ways you can create unique designs.

Use unconventional materials

The easiest way to create unique home designs is to come up with a theme for a room and design it in a way that suits the chosen theme. If you are thinking of a coastal theme, you can use furniture, fabrics and accessories that will help in creating the coastal feel. Regardless of your preferences however, you can come up with unique home designs and create a room that is unique and truly your very own. Using your imagination you can create a home that will be the ‘Talk of the Town’.

In addition to painting your walls, you can use tiles and wallpaper together with plenty of other materials to create unique home designs for a room. A truly unique design is hard to replicate and a good combination of materials for your walls will have your guests and visitors will be praising on the uniqueness of your design. You can also adopt stained windows found in churches to change the look of any room to create unique home designs.

For a perfectly cool look, use furniture with colors not very bright so that they blend in perfectly with the surroundings. However, bright colors like oranges and yellows do have their use in home designs. These colors combined with soft blues and white, can make your home appear both classic and chick.

Although not truly unique, home designs that use glass walls and doors so that people have an obstructed view of the outside look good. In addition to letting in the natural light, the view creates a center of interest in your house so that people can experience and at the same time be one with nature. If you can include hidden speakers playing cool music, you would be able to create home designs that foster a feeling of the perfect sanctuary inside your own home.

To create the unique look you want with your home designs, try not to over accessorize. Only use a piece or two of artwork or mirror in the corner of the room. Large open walls create a unique feeling of a larger room than it actually is. If you are able to visit places where art items and paintings and other accessories are sold on auction, you will be able to get them at a discount while saving money on your home designs.

Combine the old and the new

You can come up with simple home designs by combining elements of old and new. This means mixing the traditional styles with more modern pieces. In addition to creating a unique look, you will also be creating a more classic one. Of course, funky wall papers and curtains as well as cushions to bridge the gap between old and new in such home designs will have to be used. There are many sites on the internet you can visit to buy antique furniture.

One piece of antique furniture can serve as the centerpiece for any home designs you have in mind. Cover this piece of furniture with the best hand printed cloth you can find. Although antiques are things you can get at throwaway prices in many antique stores, they go a long way in transforming the look of your home and making your unique home designs a reality.

Hire a professional interior designer

Although it is possible to create unique home designs on your own, you might need to consider hiring the services of a professional interior designer. These people are experienced and skilled and able to create something good and exciting out of your old boring home. Hiring an interior designer will see you create unique home designs the easiest way.

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